Sales of the Shopping Centre "Valleta" in Valmiera increase for 7%


In comparison to the data in 2014, net sales of the Latvian largest regional shopping centre "Valleta" have increased for 7%, reaching 18 256 753 million euros. Number of purchases grew for 3%, average purchase value – for 4%.

Number of visitors comprised 2 481 390 that is an increase for 2% in comparison to 2014.

Net sales increased for 8% in the manufactured goods segment (that is, excluding data about food products), number of purchases – for 2%, but the average purchase value – for 6%. Positive sales growth were observed in all product groups, achieving biggest growth in the following categories – household items, sports, accessories, jewellery and goods for children.

Evija Švarca, Managing Director of the s/c "Valleta", explains results referring on the totality of various factors: „Our main advantage in relation to other shopping centres of the region does not change – it is the wide range of products and services provided by popular brand stores. In comparison to the shopping centres in Riga, we can distinguish ourselves with the price and infrastructure. People can reach Valmiera from any other town of the region much quicker and more comfortable. When you need day-to-day goods, it is much more convenient to purchase them in Valleta, as you can save fuel costs and as a result purchase more. Town offers also premium sports, cultural, medical and recreation services that can be excellently combined with the shopping experience.”

One of this year’s priorities of the s/c "Valleta" would be to continue to attract stores of stable brands that offer premium products for accessible price. Last year to our colourful range of shops we also added new concept store "Queen Lingerie" of the women’s lingerie manufacturer "V.O.V.A.", footwear store "Elche", for whom this is the first shopping spot outside Riga and "Lattelecom".

S/c "Valleta", located in Valmiera, is the biggest regional shopping centre in Latvia that is managed by SIA VRPB. Shopping centre was opened in November 22, 2007. There are 70 points of sales located in the area of 9 500m2. It represents renowned European and Latvian brands offering assortment that is of equal value with the largest shopping centres in Riga.




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