Opening of new stores boosts sales of Shopping Centre "Valleta"


In comparison to 2013 data, last year net sales of the biggest regional shopping centre in Latvia "Valleta", located in Valmiera, grew for 10% and comprises 17 062 386 EUR. Number of purchases has increased for 2%, average purchase value – for 7%.

In manufactured goods segment (that mean, excluding food operators data) sales of s/c "Valleta" has increased for 13%, number of purchases for 6%, average purchase value – also for 7%. Largest increase of sales is indicated in the following product groups – footwear, children’s products, household, jewellery, IT and electric appliances.

„Since end of 2012 shopping centre has experienced significant changes as to our lessees and changes continued also during the last year. Therefore, "Valleta" attracted several renowned and premium brand stores that offer assortment customers trust,” Director of the s/c "Valleta" Evija Švarca marks this as one of the main reasons for the increase of sales. „Last year the leader of the European shoe market "CCC", leather goods store "Picard – Dielle" as well as interior store "AlanDeko" opened their first stores in Latvia outside Riga in the shopping centre "Valleta". As our priority is regional inhabitants, also several renowned and popular stores in Vidzeme have joined our lessees. In total number of changes performed during the last year are more than 10, thus expanding not only assortment of clothing and footwear but also accessories, beauty care, household, children’s and grocery products. To make the shopping experience for our clients even more pleasant, 6 regular lessees have performed reconstruction of stores.”

Also improvement of income of our inhabitants has promoted the positive growth tendency. At the same time possibility of good bargains remain as a significant factor for making purchase and choosing the place where to purchase day-to-day goods. Regional inhabitants continue to prefer shopping centre "Valleta" because of its beneficial geographical location in the region and it is the only shopping mall providing to buy so wide range of goods in one place.

S/c "Valleta", located in Valmiera, is the biggest regional shopping centre in Latvia that is managed by SIA VRPB. Shopping centre was opened in November 22, 2007. There are 70 points of sales located in the area of 9 500m2. It represents renowned European and Latvian brands offering assortment that is of equal value with the largest shopping centres in Riga.




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