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On November 22, 2007 a contemporary shopping centre - City Gallery Valleta was opened in the centre of Valmiera; this place has established itself as a stable and recognized symbol of the town.


Owners of the shopping centre VRPB, Ltd. came up with the idea to create modern shopping centre in the very heart of Valmiera. Canteen and restaurant was located in this place since 1964 and after several stages of reconstruction it was turned into department store Valmiera. By following market changes and economical developement, inhabitants of the Vidzeme region needed a contemporary shopping site - one place where they could both purchase products they need in everyday life and receive services for all family. This was the reason why VRPB, Ltd., adopted a desision to renovate department store and build new, modern, European level shopping centre instead of it. Construction works begun in January, 2007. Together with the construction of this object its owners - local entrepreneurs VRPB Ltd., - changed also their business concept and went from the whole sales and retail sales of groceries to the real estate management.


Currently SC Valleta is the biggest regional shopping centre in Latvia and similarly as the biggest shopping centres in Riga it offers broad range of products and services to the costumers. World and locally renowned brand stores operate in the 4 stores of the shopping centre. Also entrepreneurs from Vidzeme have located their points of sales here. Valleta is the popular shopping destination not only to the inhabitants of Vidzeme region but also guests from our closest neighbouring contry Estonia. Annually Valleta is visited more than 2 million times. When you shop here you can save resources for the fuel and time that you need to spend when going to visit shopping centres of the capital. You can use the saved money to make some extra purchases.

Idea of Valleta is not orientated only on shopping. Additionaly to the wide range of shops, it also offers quality time spending options for the inhabitants, as a result Valleta has become part of the cultural life of Vidzeme. We care for the safe, relaxing and cosy atmosphere to make your shopping experience and relaxation in the shopping centre full of joy and pleasant emotions.


  • Biggest shopping centre outside Riga
  • Located in the very heart of Valmiera - capital city of Vidzeme with high standard of living of locals and developed infrastructure
  • Net sales per annum exceed 15 million euro
  • 70 shopping points
  • On average 45 000 - 50 000 visitors per week
  • Total area 16 500 m2
  • Shopping area 9 500 m2
  • More than 300 employees
  • Shopping centre is constructed as gallery where the movement of shoppers is organised in a circle
  • Name Valleta was created by combining 2 abbreviations: "val" from the word Valmiera and "leta" from the Latin origin name Letonia, id.est., Latvia

You are welcome to visit Shopping centre Valleta in the very heart of Valmiera, 4 Rīgas Street!





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